Every ritual is all about WORSHIPPING a deity in many ceremonial programmes. Every sacramental programme needs a physical form and physical instruments, like a place on the ground, a prayer mat on the floor, a prayer house in an area, a field in the community, a specific ritualised outfit to face a deity, a detailed physical purification following a water ritual procedure, like Zoroastrian fire purification, Jewish ritual ablution and Muslim’s Wudu water ritual. These ritual mindsets have originated from an inclination of worshipping ancient deities, god and goddess – emanating from the pagan practice and prejudice introduced by the careerist religious scholars and clergies to trade on religious mindsets and emotion on the fear of the unknown of their ignorance.

The enemies of the Quran and pagan ritual lovers concertedly converted and convoluted the meaning of a simple word called Ibadah/service into a pagan notion called to worship and thereby installed a form of original pagan practice by interpolating words, sentences, interpretation, syntax, and intricate rules of grammar to innovate rituals and worship in the Quran. And then, the Almighty Creator was made to be anthropomorphized by placing HIS presence on the ground to personify Omniscient God in human attributions to worship HIM like a pagan deity. So, every worshipper needs a way such as a wall in Jerusalem, squired house in Mecca to prostrate, thinking of worshipping and pretending to prostrate towards the Omnipresent Creator, who created everything in and within heaven and earth. And thus, all physical ritual has come into being in false feelings of spiritual promise providing by the Satan (see Quran 4:60, 7-16-17, 15:39).

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