“In brief: the Quran is the reading texts in Arabic language that explained Al-Kita’b at a specific time, place and specific audience to take heed of the messages it expounded in a prolonged period of time . Therefore, most of the contents are contextualised, instructing the Messenger and the people around him to take heed of the messages to perceive Al-Kita’b.

So, for us, it is the Kita’b (an umbrella term) that to be adhered to, like all those previous generations who had to do the same. The fact is that the reading texts in the Quran present the Kita’b authentically without any inconsistency, in compare to other previous Scriptures (Kita’b) as those were intervened/interpolated by/mixed with human words. So, as the Quran has reached to its target audience (the people) undoubtedly, the Kita’b in it is binding to all the people, being the servants of the Giver of the Kita’b”.

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