Please read Q.3:31 to get the actual love affairs, which clearly sets out the terms of love and passion that a believer in God alone needs to recourse. In Q 33:6, it was not said to love the Messenger as it was stated in Q.3:31. So, making to love for a dead Messenger as similar to do the same for God is simply making partnership with God.

Q. 33:6 was simply an instantaneous requirement for those who were present in the vicinity of the revelation 1400 years ago in the Messenger’s life time, contextually speaking. Giving preference doesn’t mean to love in passion, which must be reserved only for God alone with no partnership with a dead person being demised hundreds of years ago.

Even how could one love a person who s/he has never seen or who has already been dead being unseen, unless one venerates an unknown image installed in mind like Jesus, Rama, Krishnan and Buddha as the men worshippers do?

The dogma to love and venerate a dead Messenger has evolved from the Persian men’s hadith literature, by which those enemies of the Messenger, endeavoured to alter the command is given in Q.3:31, where the Messenger had to say to the people around him to love God, for which to follow him by following the messages he carried forth. So, it was all about … God and HIS messages. Persian man Mr Bukhari and his associates tired to change God and HIS messages, by replacing Muhammad and his Sunnah by loving him by following messages in the Persian hadith literature.

The Messenger of the Quran died, as known, 1400 years ago. So, for us, according to Q.3: 31, if we are to love ❤ God, we are required to follow HIS messages as transmitted in the Quran.

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