There is no “Religion” but “an orderly way of life deen” sanctioned by God .


God has reinforced theconcept of His words to His servants around the worldirrespective of colour or language. God’s way is simple, theQuran is simple. Simple heredoes not mean easy. God’s enemies will unceasingly try todivert men and women from His path by sanctioningadditional set of prohibitions. In order to overcome thepredicament we are told to be sincerely committed to Himalone.


👉We have revealed to you this Scripture truthfully,therefore Serve God alone. Be sincere to Him in theway of life “deen”. (39:2)

👉He revealed His guidance to mankind sothat they enjoy a peaceful life in this world and a peacefullife in the hereafter. Those who are vigilant and consent to Hiswill and believe in Him alone have grasped the strongestbond that never breaks. His message to all mankind:

👉 O mankind, you shall Serve your Lord, who createdyou and those before you, that you might becomeobservant. (2:21)

👉 Your Lord has decreed that you shall not Serve other than Him.

👉 You shall honour your parents for as long as theylive, one of them or both of them.

👉You shall not speak harshly to them nor mistreatthem.

👉 You shall speak amicably to people and do not utterany lies.

👉 You shall regard the relatives, the orphans, and the poor.

👉 You shall not kill your children from fear of poverty.

👉 You shall not commit adultery, for it is a vice You shall not kill anyone, for taking of life is made forbidden

👉You shall not touch the orphans’ money except for their own good.

👉 You shall give full measure when you trade and weigh with an equitable balance.

👉 You shall not accept anything that you yourself cannot ascertain.

👉 You shall be perfectly honest when you serve as a witness, even if it is against yourself, your parents, or your relatives whether the defendant is rich or poor.

👉 You shall give to charity from God’s provisions, which He has entrusted to you.

👉 You shall strive in the path of God against those who strive against you, but not aggress.

👉 You shall fulfil your commitments and humble yourself with those who are humble.

👉You are not to be arrogant, nor to walk in pride. God does not love the boastful, the arrogant. Be humble as you walk and lower your voice.

👉Eat from everything that is lawful and good, and do not follow the step of the Devil, he is your enemy. He directs you towards vice and evil and to invent lies and attribute them to God.

People are expected

👉to serve God by observing the prescribed orders “way of life by GOD”


👉consulting religious scholars, 👉mullahs , 👉priest.


👉It is God who grants life and death.

👉 It is God who keeps the creation in perfect balance.

👉It is God who creates the human, male and female, from a drop of liquid and then from ‘something which clings’, then He gives it life as an infant. Then some reach full strength and get to become old, and others die earlier.

👉 It is God who determines 👉our time of life and 👉 death, nobody else.

👉 It is God who makes us rich or poor.

👉 It is God who provides everything in exact measure.

👉To Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth.

👉 There is no god but Him He revealed His guidance to mankind so that they enjoy a peaceful life in this world and a peaceful life the hereafter. Those who are vigilant and consent to His will and believe in

👉Him alone have grasped the strongest bond that never breaks. His message to all mankind:


👉O mankind, you shall Serve your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you might become observant. (2:21)

👉I have not created the jinn and the humans except to Serve me alone (51:56)

He has decreed for you the same

👉 “way of life deen” enjoined upon


👉Noah and what is revealed herein, and what was decreed for 👉Abraham, 👉Moses, and👉 Jesus.

You shall uphold the one “way of life deen” and not be segregated. It is simply too difficult

👉 for the idol-worshippers to accept what you advocate. (42:13)

👉Be penitent to God, observe Him, uphold your commitments and do not fall

👉 into idol-worship. And do not be with those who change

👉 the Way of life “deen”

👉into religion each sectarian is happy with what they have. (30:31-32)

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