The whole saga of the legendary story and characters in Islamic narratives appeared suddenly after at least 200 years of the claimed death of Muhammad in 632 CE. In that Muhammad, the protagonist, his 11 wives, his companions and the antagonists, his enemies, all were articulated in the 9th centuries legendary novel written by a Persian man called Ibn Hishām [ هشام نبا] (Abu Muhammad ‘Abd al-Malik bin Hisham ibn Ayyub al-Himyari al-Mu’afiri al-Baṣri) under Abbasid Caliph Harun-Alrashid and his descendants. Those who do not care about God’s words and HIS narratives HE has presented in the Quran, can rejoice on the false stories that Abbasid dynasty patronized to feed the people to blindly belief on their narratives to create the current set of Islamic religion based on their created tradition/hadith and sirat/ biography of a man and his fellows. In the Quran, God denounces these manmade stories and religion outright. However, declining to listen to what God commands, thousands of scholars are emerging every day to research and to attain PhDs on the false literature and histories written in 8-9th centuries with having no idea about the real facts and history that really took place during 6-7 centuries in the Arabian peninsula. The apocryphal character, the legendary wife of Muhammad in Ibn Hisham’s literary works is nothing but a fiction in a novel like Ramayan, Mohabharat and other stories. The scholars whose PhDs and academic works are based on these concocted literature and stories have no clue that there is no arachnological evidence they can find to corroborate these apocryphal characters.

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