An extract of the mythical miraj in Persian hadith is analysed to show the Persian tell-tale, as in that a Persian man called Mr Bukhari tells us that as follows:

The roof of the Messenger’s house was opened like an open heart surgery that must have needed to be stitched and repaired. So, certainly, the Angel desecrated the roof and again repaired such a damaged roof like a carpenter. How many times the Angel Gabriel as a Messenger came to the Prophet of God and opened and stitched the roof of a house? Did the Angel need to damage the roof every time he came to Prophet in his (the Prophet) 23 years of the mission after he received revelation from God?

Does a primary school boy believe that the sky has a door and a gatekeeper, whose only job is to open such door (maybe built by wood or iron). And When Adam was introduced, he was shown in the story to cry and laugh in left and right. Is that what God engaged him in somewhere in the sky since he died thousand and thousand years ago?

Then Moses – see how he was portrayed as Counsellor between God and Muhammad like an advisor of a trade union leader. God created human, but it seems like HE did not know that 50 times solaa’t in every half an hour HIS creation could not maintain — but Moses knew! Moses was shown more merciful than God, because he was so sympathetic for Muhammad’s ummah than God. So, a creation of the Creator was negotiating like a trade bargain – see the mythical mullah’s mythical story! Look at the bargain, and at times the Creator, the Almighty God, granted 12 ½ times solaa’t. How to do that 12 ½ times solaa’t. Mr Bukhari tells us that God did not know, but Moses knew!

Many more can be found if you give this story to a primary school boy or girl – they would like lough in flat aloud to this preposterous and bizarre story– and that huge journey to God’s chambers was only for to receive such biblical 5 times solaa’t? God says, HIS power is closure to our jogular vein (see: Q. 50:16). Could HE not tell this mythical biblical solaa’t ( gifted by mythical Mr Bukahri) by a simple wahi or inspiration?

This is what we have been spooned-fed for the last thousands of years, and we gave the job for our salvation to those mythical mullahs and those subservient. It’s time to wake up to see what we do in the name of God for HIS service was, in fact, commanded by God – or what we are doing – are we doing to be ruined in vain?

God’s Deen is based on Haq- the truth. Everything comes from men; in fact, it has come from the inspiration of the Satan. Because nothing is true, but the truth from God – the Originator of the heaven and earth – the Lord of all the realms.

For detail in Bukhari 7517:

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