It’s really tough to manage everything & keep balance between personal & professional life but if we lead ourselves according to instructions of Allah, we can balance our daily life Insha Allah; I confidently believe this.

We shouldn’t follow the traditional religion, we should follow only the commandments of Allah which he describes in the Al Quran. To achieving the knowledge of Al Quran is essential for us if we want to save ourselves from hellfire. To understand the Quran is easy according to Allah (sura 54, ayat 17,22,32,40). We don’t need to involve with any group/person rather study Quran with meaning and try to follow the commandments of Allah in our daily life. If we seriously study Quran (sura 47, ayat 24) then we will realise that the traditional islam and Quran based Islam is totally different. We don’t need to read any tafseer because human can not do tafseer on Al Quran of Allah’s, not even a prophet (Sura 69, ayat 40-48. Sura 29, ayat 51. Sura 25, ayat 33. Sura 22, ayat 52-53 and many verses).

There is nothing about traditional ‘Namaz’ in the Quran. There is Salaat mentioned in the Quran many times. Salaat means to follow the commandments of Allah, not only traditional physical prayer, prayer also include in Salaat. Salaat is not a part time duty, It’s a full time & constant duty (Sura 70, ayat 23. Sura 2 ayat 177).

Don’t follow the traditional man-made religion, follow only Quran based Deen (Sura 2, ayat 170). Nabi salamun ala Muhammad never told anything as a commandment except Al Quran, or he had no power to explain anything about Quran, he just follow the OHI & that is Al Quran (Sura 69, ayat 40-48. Sura 46, ayat 9. Sura 6, ayat 50, Sura 7, ayat 203. Sura 10, ayat 15, 109. Sura 11, ayat 12. Sura 33, ayat 2. Sura 38, ayat 70. Sura 41, ayat 6)

We need to prepare ourselves for hereafter but time is running out. So, we should take it seriously.

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