Islam”, is a large and much encompassing word. It doesn’t represent a faith group or a religion. Islam means ‘submission’ to God or to the values and ideals He prescribes in His Book of Guidance. And that submission on its part ensures overall safety, freedom and security for mankind, since these are the other meanings of this word. Islam is not a monopoly for the faith group called Muslims. Anyone from any faith group can be a true Muslim even by remaining affiliated with his own faith group.”

س ل م = Sin-Lam-Mim = safety/security/freedom/immunity, to escape, salutation/greeting/peace, deliver/acknowledge, pay in advance, submit, sincerity, humility, submission/ conformance/ obedience, resign/quit/relinquish, to be in sound condition, well without blemish, gentle/ tender/soft/elegant.

The followings are very few examples of deliberate misconceptions inserted into the Quranic translations and exegeses in order to alter its original spirit and benevolent doctrine drastically.

Qibla in the Quran means “the destination or the ultimate ideological goal that one always keeps in front of him (قبل)”, not a physical station or site. The word Qibla is used as a meaning of Centre, the foundation, the focus, the epicenter, the axis, the core, the root, the hub or the base of something. In order to understand the word Qibla a bit more please refer the ayah [Quran – 10:87] “And We inspired to Mosa and his brother, “Settle your people in Misar in houses and make your houses Qiblah and establish Sala’t and give Basharat to the Mominoon” . Here the word is used in the meanings of central place, the hub, the epicenter of the System of Salaat i.e. a place, a city, where all the commandments, rules, hidayahs of Allah has already been established and practiced as ordained by Allah in Quran

Hajj, which means to “Seek agreement thru debate/arguments; reach a target, aim, purpose ideologically, to intend to a certain target”, was misconstrued as “PILGRIMAGE”. 

Azwaaj-un-Nabi always meant “Nabi’s close colleagues and companions” or “different segments of public under the command of Nabi”. To give authenticity to Polygamy, this compound was always mistranslated as “NABI’S WIVES”. 

“Buyoot-un-Nabi” signified “Nabi’s private deliberations with council of elders”; it was translated most literally as “Nabi’s multiple houses” to give credence to the theory that he needed to keep his multiple wives separately in many homes.

The word “Tallaaq in Quranic perspective meant separation of regional units from the central government, but it was diverted to the separation between husband and wife (Divorce).

Similarly, “Nikah” was not meant to be a marriage agreement until some particular expression led to that conclusion; but it was invariably mis-translated as marriage between man and woman.


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