1. Fathers and grandfathers have been making mistakes for so long! 
2. What most people are doing wrong! 
3. So many great scholars have been acting in this way! What have they done wrong!

• Basically, people abandon the call of the Holy Quran on these three excuses.

“Most” is not a document; The document is the Holy Quran. The majority of
Allah in the Qur’an says what? –
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::
• the “about the fact that most people
do not know” [Surah Yusuf: of 68]
• the “most stupid” [further: 103]
• the “most people are aware
it is not” [Al-An’am: 37 And]
• the ” most ignorant “[Al-An’am: a 111-]
• the” most people do not know “[al-Araf: 131]
• the” One more enthusiasm bharei do not want to do,
people mostly do not believe “[Yusuf:
• the” I am to you a clear We have sent down verses
, but none
denies them except the transgressors . Nay,
most of them
do not believe ”[Surah Al-Baqarah: 99-100]
• “I come to you with the truth
was, but most of you
were a true apachandakari” [al-Shura: is 78]
• “Their adhikansakeiami promise
who did not, but most phasikai found” [al-Araf: 102]
• “If you do the majority of people follow Then they will lead you astray from the Path of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture. They do nothing but lie
”[Surah An-Nam: 116]
” ‘Most of them follow
nothing but conjecture ; No truth to counter the ideas
do not work ” [Surah Yusuf: 36 to]
• The “Most people believe in God,
but also with a header in the ” [Surah Yusuf: 106]
• The” I will tell you what to whom
Are the devils descended? They descend to every utter liar and sinner. They tend to get ear, and most of them are liars, ‘ “[Surah Ash-Shuara:
• The” men in their pitr stray
found. Then they followed in their footsteps
. Most of the older people were gumaraha “[Surah
seen: 69-71]
Arabic Quran, knowledgeable people
for the good news and a warner. But most of them have turned away (from this Qur’an), so they will not listen ”[Surah Fussilat: 1-4]

So, O my Muslim brother, let us
follow the “Qur’an” excluding the excuse of “the majority”

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